Saturday, March 21, 2009

There Are No Goodbyes... I just have dust in my eye.


Hi Everyone,

So I've just finished my first round of promotion and am heading back to the UK for a few days before I, uh, turn right back around and punish myself (and punish those that have to listen to me) with even more talking about There Are No Goodbyes.

I have to say though that these last few days have been really great.

OK the interviews have been quite intense and, rather embarrassingly, sometimes maybe just a little too emotional. (Me? Too emotional?) And yes, there may have been some watery eyes...

But really, what the heck can you expect when I'm being interviewed by a really nice interviewer and she's telling me that she's only been able to listen to the album in it's entirety twice because every time she gets to the line "I thought you were a fighter but in the end I guess you lost your faith in me" (Leaving) she has to turn the stereo off because it upsets her too much? And then, to top it off, she looks me in the eyes and in this wonderful (but slightly sad) little accent says "Robin, I understand those words so much. More than you can know. All we really want in life is someone that believes in us..."

You know I would have hugged her if it wouldn't have seemed so inappropriate... (But alas we just sat in our own little silence for a few moments... Would a hug between two consenting 'saddies' really have been that inappropriate? Well that's just kind of sad in it's own sad little way, isn't it?)

So go on, you tell me, how am I supposed to maintain the cool detached almost-famous-but-not-really rock star image I've fastidiously cultivated for so long when all I want to do is give this girl a hug? She was talking my talk! I mean really, Isn't it true? Isn't that all we want?

And yes, eyes might have been getting ever so slightly watery but there was a lot of dust in the room...

Let's move on though. I'm sure you'll either be reading all about interviews filled with unbearable tension and painful silences or mentioning that "for all the depressing music he writes, I can't believe how happy Robin always seems..." soon enough and you know what? I confuse myself too. Sometimes it's easier to just not understand.

So let's have some NEWS NEWS NEWS.

We have a short sharp tour in May and it's going to be amazing!

And it's gonna be the FULL BAND AND STRING QUARTET! We might even have some special guests!

May 14 '09: Sputnikhalle, Münster (DE)
May 15 '09: Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum (DE)
May 16 '09: Beatpol, Dresden (DE)
May 17 '09: Brotfabrik, Frankfurt (DE)
May 18 '09. Feierwerk (Hansa 39), München (DE)
May 20 '09: Den Atelier, Luxembourg (LU)
May 21 '09: Café De La Danse, Paris (FR)
May 22 '09: Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
May 23 '09: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (BE)

Please don't worry if you don't see your city here though. There will be a much longer tour in the Fall taking in all of our most favouritest countries and you will all eventually be able to see us touring this album, OK? I promise!

Oh and another thing I'd like to mention... I spent so much time talking about my sad depressing pathetic little life in these interviews that I don't feel like I was able to to give enough credit where I feel much much more credit is do.

Firstly: Over the last year or so I had the chance to become really great friends with a band called Dark Captain Light Captain and their fellow musician/producer Daniel Lea/Golden Hum Studio. I really can't say enough about these guys. They're all just amazing people and all I can do is I thank them for their friendship, support and contributions to this record.

And then there are two people without whom I honestly would not have had the confidence to start, let alone finish, this album and of course that's Jeffrey 'The Bear' Townsin and Astrid Williamson.

You all know Jeff by now but as I often remarked on my last acoustic tour "You may remember Astrid as the inspiration behind such Sophia classics as Swept Back and Where Are You Now" and she is now also my duet partner on the, if I can be so bold, absolutely wonderful Something. (Ah... I've really come to love this song. Lucky because it seems to be one of the songs people are really reacting towards and holding on to. I think it might still even be Jeff's favorite?)

Anyway... I really need to thank Jeff for not letting me throw away most, if not all, all of my songs and actually convincing me to record them and I need to thank Astrid for trying to convince me that these might even be some of the best songs I've ever written and then not allowing me to throw most, if not all, of them away once they were finished. (And no, don't be so cynical. Something isn't even her favorite song!)

And you know what? I think I might actually be beginning to like this record now. No. I might actually love this record now. Maybe. I'm not sure. It's still early days. We'll see.

A big thank you to all of you though. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you!

OK enough of my rambling...

Remember to love the ones you love, OK? (Sometimes we forget)

See you all soon and please take care,



martantoine said...

Hi Robin!
I can't believe that your "cool detached almost-famous-but-not-really rock star image" is more important than a ... HUG!!
Seriously, my point of view doesn't really matter but i think you'd better have hug this young interviewer ( i 'd do it, but no one interview me..., you're so lucky!)
I was playing chess alone, listenning to Miracle Legion, when i tell myself " why don't i have a look on robin's blog, may be there are some news?"
And i see your tour date at Paris! I've bought my place, and i'll be there! But it's in two months!! So, please send some news 'til may 21. Specialy if you hug someone ( i'm sure you'll write it, if you make a such important thing that hugging someone...) Be strong for all your promotion stuff.

Valde said...

Hello there,

i happen to be a tv commercials director / small production house owner (Italy) and great fan of yours at the same time, so here we would be interested to produce and finalize a music video for your new upcoming album (also to have a great addition to our reel), is there a way we could get in contact with you to have a small talk about this one?
our website:, email

Robert said...

at least some artists utilize 'strings' still ;-)

Bourodemoustik said...

Hi again,

As you see I'm getting through your site step by step.

The heck with "inappropriate". Inappropriateness is the murdere of romance and spontaneity.
You should have given her a hug. Perhaps you would have made her happy.

The first time I've heard "Something" it really thrilled me. And each time again it does. On the concert in Gent Belgium it really curled my skin, though I missed the little "answering" voice part. It's really important in this song. It makes the song complete. Isn't that what we all want that little voice somewhere behind you that says "hey, never the less what you think, you're great".

See you in the next post